Yangjiang Shibazi Group Co., Ltd. Audio and Music Culture Festival Successfully Concludes

August 18, 2023 hanson@gotlink.cn

On August 20, 2023, the Yangjiang Shibazi Group Co., Ltd. Audio and Music Culture Festival successfully concluded.

This event marked the first time that the Yangjiang Shibazi Sound Museum hosted an audio and music exhibition with the theme “Using Global Equipment, Listening to Global Sounds,” and it was broadcasted live worldwide. Despite being the inaugural edition, the museum’s longstanding reputation attracted a significant number of audiophiles, resulting in a bustling and densely populated event.

ESD Acoustic made a powerful entrance on the main stage of the first-floor hall with the highly acclaimed “Super Dragon Roar” Chinese Lacquer Art Edition, which returned from its acclaimed showcase in Munich.

This exhibition represented the domestic debut of the system, and as soon as it commenced, it captivated a large gathering of enthusiasts who paused to listen attentively. Many audiophiles visited the event daily, eager to experience the audio system firsthand.

Products from the “Aviator,” “Panda,” “Crane,” “Kirin,” and “Qing Yun” series also had their spotlight at the exhibition. Many enthusiasts saw such a comprehensive array of ESD products for the first time and were taken aback by their design and quality, inspiring interest and enthusiasm. Numerous enthusiasts even made appointments to visit ESD Acoustic’s headquarters in Hangzhou to personally audition the showcased systems.

Notably, as early as 2019, Mr. Li Jihui, the curator of the Shibazi Museum, became the inaugural user of the Dragon Roar system. On this occasion, he generously assisted in presenting the system from the museum’s collection. Respected editor-in-chief of “New Audiophile” magazine, Mr. Lai Yingzhi, also provided a meticulous and detailed introduction to the Dragon Roar system on-site.

Sound animates life, and music thrives. The 2023 Yangjiang Shibazi Group Co., Ltd. Audio and Music Culture Festival has drawn to a perfect close. However, the exhibition of all ESD Acoustic systems will continue until August 30th. We warmly welcome all friends to come and experience the event.

In the coming days, ESD Acoustic will participate in sound exhibitions in Guangzhou, Shantou, Chengdu, Singapore, Shanghai, and other locations. Stay tuned for further updates.

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