Vice president of National School of Organization and Cadres, Mr. Min Wan visits ESD Acoustic

September 25, 2019

On 25 Sept, the Vice President of the National School of Organization and Cadre, Mr. Min Wan visited ESD Acoustic accompanied by cadres of Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou City, and Binjiang District. ESD Acoustic CEO & Chief Designer Mr. Jacky Dai hosted the delegation.


Within the showroom of Dragon system in ESD Acoustic Hangzhou headquarters, Mr. Jacky Dai went through the origin and development of ESD Acoustic, its breakthrough in technologies and awards, as well as future plans of the company in front of the cadres.


President Wan gave very high regard to ESD Acoustic after learning about its effort in reviving music scenes. He thinks that as people’s life standards improve, more and more will pursue a quality life. ESD Acoustic’s brand positioning as Hi-end is the first in China and marks a bright future.

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