XA200 DAC Amplifier

Hear the World, Hear Different.

  • Frequency Response:4~55kHz(-1dB)
  • Total Harmonic Distortion (THD+N) for DAC:-112dB (DC~22kHz Measurement bandwidth, Unweighted)
  • Total Harmonic Distortion (THD+N) for Amplifier:-105dB(0.000447%)(Unweighted)
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio(SNR):132dB
  • Dynamic Range (DNR):121dB
  • Analog Input Impedance (External Input):100KΩ
  • Output Impedance:130Ω
  • Pure Post-stage Gain:30dB
  • Load Impedance:≥2Ω
  • Output Power:200W@4Ω THD=0.005%
  • Line Output Level:XLR:2.3Vrms


XA200 is a DAC integrated stereo power amplifier designed by ESD Acoustic specifically for high quality audio playback.

The integrated amplifier utilizes advanced design to achieve fully balanced processing from the DAC’s I-V circuit to the driving current of the speakers. It incorporates ESD Acoustic’s patented infinite impedance & semi-discrete fully balanced I-V conversion circuit, preserving all details, minimizing distortion, and removing digital artifacts from the DAC output.

Simultaneously, advanced digital circuitry isolation technology minimizes the possibility of introducing noise into the digital circuitry, enhancing the stability of the master clock, and isolating external devices from the DAC circuitry, thereby eliminating external ground-related noise. The analog signal undergoes fully balanced I-V conversion and LPF processing, and then enters the built-in 2x100W fully balanced power amplifier, ultimately resulting in fully balanced power output to the speakers.

XA200 DAC Amplifier

Science and technology

In addition to its outstanding circuit performance, this product is equipped with a Qualcomm 5.0 Bluetooth receiver chip, supporting aptX and aptX-HD encoded audio transmission. This allows for high-quality online audio source without the need for additional devices. It also features a DAC output and an external input port with a 10dB fixed-gain fully balanced pre-amplifier, providing users with the convenience to interface with other devices when required.

The XA200 integrated amplifier innovatively employs a switching power supply to achieve AC-DC conversion and can operate within a wide voltage range of 80-280V, completely resolving the power supply challenge that audiophiles find most difficult to address.

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