Kunlun Electronics Rack


Conventional Information
  • Lengthn (mm): 875mm
  • Width (mm): 845mm
  • Height (mm): 1410mm
  • Base Weight (kg): 25.74kg
  • Remaining Weight (kg): 26kg
  • Material: Carbon Fiber


ESD acoustic starts to attend exhibitions around the world since 2018. We rather put electronic equipment’s on the ground than using a random audio stand at that time. Not because building an audio stand is complicated or difficult. What ESD wanted is to build something that’s exceptional. The audio business has been developed for hundreds of years and countless companies built all kinds of audio stand you can imagine which makes it difficult for ESD to innovated on such developed field. However, after years of research, ESD struggles to find a satisfied result. Until an article about aviation acoustic panel was found by our research team. Finally, an innovative audio stand with extreme shock absorption have been made by ESD acoustic.

On commercial fights, the engines of the plane works under extreme high pressure, high temperature, and high speed. In order to make the passengers comfortable, the aero acoustic lining technology was used to lower the noise made by aircraft’s engines.

When the loudspeaker working in high decibels, the air will resonate and influence the audio stand. The Kunlun audio stand solve the problem by using the aero acoustic lining technology as well, which is a great example of using cross-industry technology.

Kunlun audio stand uses 3 layers “sandwich” structure to insure the rigidity of the rack. The septum is made by 4 layers with different density and material covered with carbon fiber. The bottom layer is made by aluminum sheet. On top of that is silicone pad with great shock absorption. In the middle we put honeycomb structure metal and we put a carbon fiber pad with special make forged pattern.

The “sandwich” structural using carbon fiber, aviation aluminum sheet and cobaltous oxide balls maximize the sound absorption and shock absorption of the audio stand, also great for cancelling the resonance.

Moreover, each layer of the Kunlun equipment stand has four stand columns. Each make of 45mm CNC nut made by medical stainless steel. Between the two nuts is a carbon fiber tube filled with iron sand in order to prevent all the possible vibration. If any vibration occurs, the stainless steel absorbs the vibration by turning the kinetic energy into heat by the iron sand. If there are still some minor vibrations, the sharp stainless-steel shackles add another insurance to assure there are absolutely not vibration left.

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