DPC-2 Center Power Supply


Conventional Information

Size (W x D x H) (mm): 420mm*230mm*450mm
Net Weight: 22.34kg
Reserved Cable Length: 3m
External Cable Wires: 3*6 square millimeters
Internal Cable Wiring: Each channel 2 square millimeters

Product Specifications

Filters: Proprietary self-developed filters * 2 units
Output Power Sockets: Gold-plated phosphor copper US standard power socket core duplex outlets * 6 units
Switch: Button switch
The Interval Time between Each Switch: 2 seconds (with a 30-second interval between the last two channels)
Relay: “Delixi Solid State Relay CDG1-1DA/40A*4 units, Omron MKS2P DC24V*1 units”

Power Supply and Power Consumption

Total Power: 10000W
Maximum Power per Channel: 3000W
Maximum Input Current: 50A
Maximum Output Current per Channel: 15A
Operating Voltage: 90~305Vac/47~63Hz
Input and Output Voltage: AC Input Voltage = AC Output Voltage


DPC-2 is an intelligent center power supply with a one-button switch design that can turn devices on and off according to a preset sequence and time interval, simplifying the cumbersome process of switching devices. It offers intelligent management and control of various electrical devices, reducing the impact on the power grid during device switching and ensuring the stability of the entire electrical system.

DPC-2 is crafted using aero-aluminum and carbon fiber materials, providing excellent electromagnetic shielding performance. Additionally, DPC-2 is equipped with 4 built-in EMI filters to effectively eliminate grid interference, ensuring optimal performance of connected devices. Supporting 12 power outputs, it caters to the power supply needs of multi-channel systems.

The key feature of DPC-2 is its ability to provide convenience for other family members of the audiophile to operate and use audio devices.

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