Conventional Information

Size (W x D x H) (mm): 485*395*195mm
split power supply: 485*395*160mm
Net Weight: 13.79kg
Color: Black/White

Product Specifications

Frequency Response 5HZ~22KHZ(±0.5dB)
Total Harmonic Distortion(THD+N) -118dB(DC~22khz Measuring Bandwidth, Unweighted)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio(SNR) 110dB
Dynamic Range (DNR) 116dB
Clock period jitter 80fs RMS
Output Impedance 200Ω
Line Level Output XLR:9.6Vrms

Input and Output Interfaces

Digital Audio Input

  • AES 110Ω*2
  • Unbalanced(RCA)*75Ω*1 pair
  • Coaxial (BNC) 75Ω * 1
  • Fiber Optic * 1
  • USB2.0*1
  • I2S LVDS 3.3Vpp*1

Analog Audio Output:Balanced(XLR)*1 pair

Signal Source Support

USB/HDMI: PCM 768KHz 32-bit/DSD512

Power Supply and Power Consumption

Input Voltage Range: 100~240Vac/47~63Hz
Power Consumption: 52W
Standby Mode: 1W

Temperature and Humidity Requirements

Operating Environment Temperature: +5°C to +35°C
Operating Environment Humidity: 5% ‒ 85% (No condensation)
Storage Temperature: -20°C to +55°C


It is equipped with an ultra-high precision, ultra-low jitter master clock, complemented by a specially designed clock isolation mechanism, ensuring natural and balanced sound reproduction. The analog section is composed of high-performance discrete components, forming a pure Class A circuit. The DA-1B is equipped with independent isolation circuits for each input port, preventing ground noise from mixing into the input signal. This design not only enhances audio quality but also enables stable support for DSD512 format and 768KHz PCM.

DA-1B employs a separate power supply, pioneering the use of a switching power supply to achieve AC-DC conversion. It can operate within a wide voltage range of 80-280V, , completely resolving the power supply challenge that audiophiles find most difficult to address.

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