Crouching Dragon


  • Frequency Response: 23-52,000Hz(±3dB)
  • Sensitivity: 102dB
  • Impedance: 8Ω
  • Crossover Points: 500Hz/6000Hz
  • Dimensions: 620mm (W) * 780mm (D) * 1425mm (H)
  • Total Weight: 550kg
  • Note: The Crane external cabinet can be customized to any color (Standard color: red, white, black).


Crouching Dragon is the third biggest system of ESD Acoustic with four ways and twelve units in each channel. Among them, six are beryllium diaphragm units, and the other six are titanium sandwich composite diaphragm units.

Crouching Dragon is a full-cone speaker, which is rare among the ESD Acoustic products. Its sub-bass is composed of four 12-inch titanium sandwich cone units, and is driven by field coil. Each sub-bass unit weighs over 70kg and is installed in an sealed enclosure with built-in amplifiers. They are divided into two cabinets, each weighing 260kg. The bass has two 6-inch titanium sandwich cone units, the tweeter has two 3-inch extended beryllium diaphragm units, and the super tweeter has four 1-inch extended beryllium diaphragm units. Crouching Dragon uses a unique active crossover system to ensure smooth transition between the tweeter and the bass.Foiled beryllium diaphragms by Truextent® provide higher resolution and lower distortion. They are applied in the tweeter and super tweeter units. Invention patented titanium sandwich diaphragms are lightweight yet sturdy, eliminating segmentation distortion and phase distortion.

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