BT-2 Bluetooth Player

Hear the World, Hear Different.

  • Filters: Proprietary self-developed filters * 2 units
  • Output Power Sockets: Gold-plated phosphor copper US standard power socket core duplex outlets * 6 units
  • Switch: Button switch
  • The Interval Time between Each Switch: 2 seconds (with a 30-second interval between the last two channels)
  • Relay: "Delixi Solid State Relay CDG1-1DA/40A*4 units
    Omron MKS2P DC24V*1 units"


BT-2 is a bluetooth player developed by ESD Acoustic to provide users with more flexible audio source options and higher-quality Bluetooth transmission for their listening needs.

It utilizes Qualcomm’s Bluetooth 5.3 protocol reception technology, supporting Bluetooth 5.3 protocol, as well as high-quality formats such as aptX, aptX-HD, and LDAC for audio transmission. Additionally, it offers the capability to connect via USB for wired digital audio sources, allowing for versatile connections to both PC and mobile devices.

BT-2 Bluetooth Player

Science and technology

BT-2 utilizes I2S to transfer the received signal to the independent ES9038Q2M DAC chip for decoding. This design undoubtedly enhances the overall audio quality to a significant extent.

The stunning carbon fiber enclosure of BT-2 is meticulously handcrafted and serves the dual purpose of electromagnetic shielding and vibration isolation. This ensures the stable operation of the internal precision electronic components.

Furthermore, BT-2 also incorporates an ultra-high precision femtosecond clock, a feature typically found in Hi-End audio equipment. This clock ensures that the digital circuitry operates with an accurate time base. Such design in Bluetooth audio device is unprecedented.

The greatest advantage of Bluetooth music playback is its convenience for listening and sharing. The flexibility of both wired and Bluetooth connections ensures a balance between convenience and audio quality. Additionally, Bluetooth enables the enjoyment of a vast library of music resources without the need to purchase physical records, serving as an excellent supplement to music library.

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