Aviator by ESD Acoustic is a fully integrated active speaker available in floor-standing and desktop versions. As Bluetooth desk speakers, they offer versatile playback options and high-resolution sound with minimal distortion. Aviator is one of the recommended desktop speakers for its sleek design and has been listed on FUTURE 2022 China’s Top 50 Design list.


  • Frequency Response: 38-20,000Hz(±3dB)
  • Sensitivity: 84dB
  • Impedance: 8Ω
  • Crossover Point: 1500Hz
  • Size: 430mm* 240mm* 360mm (desktop version) / 500mm* 450mm* 1050mm (carbon fiber floor-standing version) / 560mm* 500mm* 1240mm (aerospace aluminum floor-standing version)
  • Total Weight: 35kg (single desktop version) / 40kg (single carbon fiber floor-standing version) / 45kg (single aerospace aluminum floor-standing version)
  • Note: The Aviator driver can be customized to any color (Standard color: red, white, black, sliver-gray).


Aviator is the fully integrated active speaker by ESD Acoustic, which can be divided into floor-standing and desktop versions. Its cabinet can be divided, with the main Bluetooth desk speakers’ decoding capabilities, they are recommended desktop speakers. Auxiliary speakers can be used alone, or a pair of auxiliary speakers can be used for stereo sound. The tweeter unit applies 2-inch foiled beryllium diaphragms, while the bass unit utilizes invention-patented titanium sandwich diaphragms, eliminating distortion.

Field coil power supplies employing AI negative feedback technology can cancel out dynamic suppression caused by eddy current, solving this century-old puzzle. These Bluetooth desk speakers’ units of this field coil coaxial horn speaker all have a magnetic density of 2.2T, ensuring a powerful magnetic flux drive. The innovative coaxial field coil horn speaker design matches the high-frequency horn curve with the low-frequency diaphragm curve, reducing distortion. The design of the back-loaded horn allows for deeper low-frequency extension. The carbon fiber base with aluminum alloy or carbon fiber stand effectively isolates vibrations.

With its stylish appearance, Aviator is listed as one of the recommended desktop speakers among the FUTURE 2022 China’s Top 50 Designs, alongside the architectural designs of the Hong Kong Palace Museum and the Shanghai Bund Financial Center.

ESD Acoustic Showroom

As one of the recommended desktop speakers, ESD Acoustic’s Aviator is available as both floor-standing and desktop Bluetooth bookshelf speakers. Its innovative design makes it an audiophile-grade Bluetooth stereo, offering multiple playback options and high-resolution sound with minimal distortion.

For more information about Aviator and other Bluetooth desk speakers, please visit the ESD Acoustic Showroom for an unforgettable sound journey!

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