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ESD Acoustic as a sound production company, why do you want to make a fever disc of your own?

The reason is very simple, as a domestic brand of Hi-End, ESD Acoustic has been recognized by more and more music lovers, who need a collection of albums that can fully show the quality of ESD Acoustic’s equipment from multiple angles.

Moreover, Li Xiaopei, as the chief recording engineer of China Central Television, is also the only recording engineer in China whose works have been selected into the TAS Day Disc list, and his recording quality is recognized throughout the world.

Finally, the use of Chinese familiar Musical Instruments, singers to test the advantages and disadvantages of audio equipment, the effect is more direct and more objective.
Thus, ESD Acoustic’s “Fever Day Disc” came into being.

The disc music comes from Longyuan Music Company and contains 12 songs recorded by Li Xiaopei teacher. For the release of this hot day disc, Li Xiaopei will Remastering these 12 pieces in particular, hoping to achieve a higher level of artistic expression.

The first piece is from the movie “Hero,” adapted for orchestra and performed with the erhu, which sounds nasally and has a distinct timbre from the other erhu on this CD. The strings are very dense and delicate, and the sound quality is very beautiful. What the Erhu is more afraid of is that it can’t hear the resonating cavity of the subtle skin vibration and the hissing string sound, if it can’t hear the two, the real texture of the Huqin will be lost, and the recording effect will be bad at this time. If your system can not hear these two, in fact, it is not Li Xiaopei did not record well, it is your own sound system did not tune.

The second song “The night is deep”, the beginning of the Chinese drum is very strong, you can hear the elasticity of the drum skin, not rigid. There is a shock when playing the drum hard, and there is a grain rolling elasticity when playing the drum quietly, both of which should be able to show. The Chinese Silk and Bamboo Orchestra behind the drum is thin in comparison, but each instrument is clear, and the accompaniment of the Chinese orchestra, the drums that have been beating deep in the sound field, creates a good sense of space.

The third song “Plum Blossom Three Lane” is guqin performance, the piano sound is not too strong metal sound, you can hear the long end note, there is a huge sense of space.

The fourth piece, “Bresenon,” has a wide and deep pitch, led by the central Ruan and the cello, which are recorded in close proximity and rough, unlike what you would hear in a concert hall audience. The middle Ruan has a slightly hard tone and a short ending, but you can still hear the sweetness. If the cello you hear is unacceptably rough and unaesthetic, then the sound system is too hard.

The fifth song is the theme song of the movie Braveheart, “The Hero”, which is also a well-crafted piece with sound effects, erhu solo, orchestra accompaniment, and the sound fans love the drums, creating a profound sound range and momentum. The Erhu nasal sound here is not as strong as the first song, the focus is still on the subtle vibration and resonance of the violin cavity can be presented?

The sixth piece is “Dance of the Yao Nationality”, which begins with the percussion of bamboo instruments and sounds very similar to Denon’s “Bamboo Bamboo”. Under the main playing of the flute and the huqin, the tapping of the percussion instruments showed a good reverberation acoustics, both the texture of the striking contact moment, the resonance of the pipe, and the low-frequency elasticity of the bass instrument. If you only from the low frequency elasticity, although you can not guess what is the low frequency instrument, in short, it may be a drum-like instrument, it creates a very beautiful low frequency effect.

The seventh, “Love of My Life,” begins with percussion and rough cello, followed by sweet steel-string guitar with a slightly hard tone in the middle, and electronic synth strings. This is an adaptation of a song sung by Lu Guanting, which is very touching. The chorus began to add various percussion instruments, with a clear percussion texture in the plump soft Q, and the acoustics were well arranged. As the old saying goes, if you hear a cello that feels too rough and hard to be aesthetically pleasing, that represents the tendency of your home sound system. Similarly, this piece also creates a wide sound field that audio fans will love.

The eighth song, “Mother in Candlelight,” is a female chorus accompanied by an accordion. The accordion should be elastic, loose and refreshing. The level of the chorus parts is very good, the chorus level is also very high, and the beautiful harmony sounds can fill the whole listening space. If you can’t hear beautiful harmonies, this excellent recording is ruined by your system.

The ninth piece, The Moon and the River in Spring, featured the plucked instrument, which was completely different from the music played by the pipa. Konghou can be said to be the harp of China, Li Xiaopai teacher recorded very well, the meticulous beauty of this plucked instrument is complete, the beauty of the lingering sound around the beam and the real texture of the finger buckle to echo each other, and the high, middle and low range can present their own acoustic beauty. If you listen to this song feel very monotonous and boring, it means that the truly beautiful acoustics are not played out.

The tenth piece, The Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, begins with sweeping orchestral music, with thin pipa sandwiched inside. But the main instrument is not the pipa, but the erhu, melodious French horn played, Erhu quietly played, distant drums, nearby pipa and low-frequency instruments create a tense atmosphere of mountains and rain. This is another song with shock and meticulous performance, and it is also a very successful song with sound effects.

The 11th track, “Sky City”, is a classical guitar solo. Although only a guitar is used, it still makes people feel that the sound effect is very good, and the various subtle sounds that the guitar pops out are completely regenerated, and you can hear a lot of sound details, so it can be fascinating.
This piece of music is also the essence of Li Xiaopei teacher recording works achievement, needless to say.

These 12 pieces of music are not only beautiful, but also have different and charming acoustics. What is even better is that the recording quality of the 12 songs is very good, and the soft and detailed beauty is everywhere. If it is played on a set of high-quality sound system, you can feel Li Xiaopei’s delicate recording processing techniques, strong post-production capabilities, and the excellent ability to create sound fields and spatial sense.

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