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David Dai is the founder of ESD Acoustic. Having been interested in audiophile speakers for decades, he has bought over ten world-class high-end speaker systems himself. Driven by his pursuit of a high-end hi-fi speaker system and enforced by his knowledge of horns, field coil drivers, and carbon fiber material, he decided to go into the speaker industry.

With his past experience administrating listed corporation, he integrated the specialties of Dr. Edgar, Mr. Saye and other tech teams, researched and developed the world’s first full carbon fiber horns & field coil driver five ways active crossover speaker system.

Meanwhile he has organized the development of high-end speaker brands CD room, DAC, preamplifier, class-A amplifier, field coil power supply and cords. The engineering prototype first appeared in HIGH-END 2018 Munich, received much attention and highly regarded.

Technical/audio career began when had to leave doctoral program at UCLA to fulfill military obligation. Did this in 2 phases first with the Air Force as General Electric contractor as radar specialist at remote Alaska base. Transferred in 1968 to GE program with NASA and began using electronics background in computer maintenance on the large mainframes of the time. Upon completion of military obligation did freelance maintenance for the large recording studios and movie lots such as Fox in the Los Angeles/Hollywood area. Over the next 25 years became more focused on high-end hi-fi systems and developing own line of speakers.

Met Dr. Bruce Edgar in 1998 and developed a collaboration of his tractrix horns and my field coil drivers. These products were integrated into several high-end hi-fi speaker systems leading to interest by Brush/Materion in taking their beryllium domes and developing a finished diaphragm for the pro market. That project was completed by 2011. Now semi-retired was talked into again doing a challenging audiophile speakers development by David Dai leading up to the forming of ESD. Life member of Audio Engineering Society AES, and Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers SMPTE.

Dr. Bruce Edgar comes from a varied and diverse background in both his education and experience in the aerospace world. His undergraduate and masters programs were completed at Oklahoma State with scientific research specialty in antenna propagation in electron plasmas. Dr. Edgar enjoyed a productive work career beginning in 1974 with the Aerospace Corp and was involved in six satellite experiments as well as Mission Planner for DOD Space Test Program. He is also credited with 25 scientific papers.

His background in the audio world built on this diverse scientific knowledge and curiosity as a hobby interest, but quickly led to writing many papers that were published in such journals as Speaker Builder Magazine, where he also served as contributing editor. He was also fortunate to have made the acquaintance of Paul Voigt and many letters were exchanged discussing the merits of the tractrix curve in audio horns. Voigt was also well known having been involved in the highly respected Lowther full range speaker.

In 1994, Dr. Edgar founded his own high-end speaker brand, Edgarhorn, to bring to life many of the concepts he had developed and to improve the tractrix horn curve into a practical audio component. He teamed up with Sam Saye to offer an improved compression driver, which went on to win the Best Horn System award at the subsequent Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Throughout his career, Dr. Edgar’s expertise extended to the development of high-end hi-fi systems and audiophile speakers, making a significant contribution to the audio industry.

Jacky Dai is the student of Dr. Edgar and Mr. Saye in speaker theory, design and manufacturing. He developed the R&D prototype of ESD Acoustic with the two masters.

In 2017, he returned to China helping to found ESD Acoustic. Based on the theory of his two mentors and the progress of modern design software, material science and craftsmanship, he innovatively designed carbon fiber horn &field coil driver units of the next generation. Meanwhile he incorporated Chinese cultural elements into the design as ESD’s brand genetics.

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