18 August 2023
On August 20, 2023, the Yangjiang Shibazi Group Co., Ltd. Audio and Music Culture Festival successfully...
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18 May 2023
The 40th edition of the High-End Munich International Audio Show (High-End Munich 2023) opened its doors...
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22 December 2019
On Dec 22nd, SIPA Age of Hepburn held by Xiaohui Wang Art Center had its grand opening at Chi K11 art...
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22 November 2019
On Nov 22nd, 2019 Singapore International Sound& Sight Exhibition opened at Holiday Inn Singapore...
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16 November 2019
After ESD Acoustic’s Dragon system has been regarded as best in show by Audiophile Magazine On Munich...
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08 November 2019
At the beginning of this November, ESD Acoustic encounters its busiest month to attend shows. There are...
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25 October 2019
On Oct 25th, Member of Standing Committee of Zhejiang Province& Director of Committee for Social...
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Cadres from Foshan City’s Municipal Propaganda Department visits ESD Acoustic
10 October 2019
On Oct 10th, cadres from Foshan City’s Municipal Propaganda Department and Nanfang Daily’s Department...
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Vice president of National School of Organization and Cadres, Mr
25 September 2019
On 25 Sept, the Vice President of the National School of Organization and Cadre, Mr. Min Wan visited...
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23 August 2019
On Aug 23, 2019, the 26th Beijing International Audio Show opened at Bring Jinmao Westin Hotel. ESD Acoustic...
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