Floor-standing system, Crane, won Best Sound Award

November 16, 2019 hanson@gotlink.cn

After ESD Acoustic’s Dragon system has been regarded as best in show by Audiophile Magazine On Munich hi-end 2019, its floor-standing system named Crane has also won Best Sound Award on recently held Capital Audiofest 2019 in Washington DC.


AV Showroom commented in their interview: “We played a beautiful recording by Ed Pong featuring violin and piano and the sound was natural, effortless, detailed and, most importantly, emotionally involving. As good as it gets.”


Crane is a three way four unit floor-standing speaker designed with entirely new concepts. It’s composed of three parts, the pedestal is made by CNC aerospace aluminum of 50mm thickness, alone with 40mm thick damping wood plate, which cancel out floor reflection efficiently.


The bass box of Crane has two field coil 10 inch titanium sandwich cone woofers of ESD’s own design. They are in charge of reproducing 23-500 Hz and are driven by built-in 200W AB class amps. The crossover at 500 Hz is not passive but an active one, which allows up to 24dB adjustment to connect bass to the more efficient mid-range and tweeter units. There are also four field coil power supply units built in the box.


The mid& high box has a field coil compression mid-range driver of 4 inch beryllium diaphragm which, cooperating with E500 carbon fiber horn, reproduce 500-6000Hz, and a field coil compression tweeter horn unit of 1 inch beryllium diaphragm that takes above 6000Hz. The crossover between these two is passive and has a sensitivity of 102dB high.

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