Exhibition Spotlight | High-End Munich 2023: ESD Acoustic Unveils Super Dragon with Perfect Debut

May 18, 2023 hanson@gotlink.cn

The 40th edition of the High-End Munich International Audio Show (High-End Munich 2023) opened its doors at the Munich International Trade Fair Center on May 18th at 9:00 AM local time. As the largest and most influential high-end audio exhibition in the world, High-End Munich brought together nearlyone thousand audio manufacturers from around the globe to showcase their products, attracting numerous audio enthusiasts.

ESD Acoustic’s journey to High-End Munich has been a testament to their growth and strength as a brand. This marks their third expedition to the event. From the challenges of securing a small space in 2018 to now occupying a prominent 440-square-meter fixed exhibition room, the hardships they’ve faced are known only to them. The unveiling of the Chinese Lacquer Art Edition Super Dragon was a resounding success. The system’s expansive soundstage and impeccable detail presentation brought the music to life in a way that felt as though you were right there at the live performance. Waves of enthusiastic attendees gathered around, showering praises such as “By far the best system,” “Your system is one of its own kind,” “just mad,” “perfect,” and more. Various media outlets also flocked to record, interview, and report on the phenomenon.

Behind the captivating scenes lies the tremendous effort and hardships put forth by the ESD Acoustic team. Seventy-one enormous flight cases, carrying equipment weighing nearly 5 tons, made their way across the seas to Munich. Over the course of almost a month, just a handful of individuals had to complete the setup in a short span of time. The challenges they faced were beyond ordinary hardships; words like “arduous” and “exhausting” fall short in describing their experience. Gratitude is owed to the many friends who extended their helping hands, some even traveling great distances to Munich specifically to lend a hand at the exhibition. The substantial support they provided is both an honor and a heartwarming experience.

The exhibition concluded at 6:00 PM, but ESD Acoustic continued the festivities with a dedicated electronic music party. With beer in hand, attendees swayed and danced to the music, getting lost in the immersive experience. The mind-blowing ultra-low distortion and super-high sound pressure levels of the sub-bass frequencies left them awestruck, allowing them to truly feel a different level of Hi-End audio. Many praised ESD Acoustic as the all-around champion. Some friends were so captivated that they were reluctant to leave, eagerly making plans to return the next day.

The 2023 Munich International High-End Audio Exhibition will continue until the 21st of this month. If you are in the Munich area, we sincerely invite you to come to the venue and enjoy this auditory feast!

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to audiophiles from around the world for their support and love for ESD Acoustic. For those fortunate enough to attend the exhibition in person, we welcome you to share your exhibition and listening experiences through comments and messages, fostering a sense of community and exchange.

We look forward to your presence,

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