DRAGON:The biggest, most r e l a x e d, most natural, uncolored sound

September 13, 2023 hanson@gotlink.cn

Ok: I felt I owed Nicole He and the ESD Acoustic people a second chance. I first heard their large, complex Dragon five-way horn system at High End Munich 2018. They had spent money on two-story-high banners scatted everywhere—but their room was a very small glass enclosure on the main floor, and the sound was not commensurate with the price of the gear.>In Munich, I listened to a variety of Chinese and European compositions, and I’m sorry to say I had trouble finding much sonic or musical merit. Transients were fast, but seemed disembodied. The system struggled to register accurate tone. Vocals were brittle and sometimes piercing. Frequency balance seemed off-kilter. Today, here in NYC, ESD had the biggest, most r e l a x e d, most natural, uncolored sound I heard—in any room. By comparison, in other rooms, there were ported loudspeakers that sounded more colored and obtrusive. Bravo ESD!

Here is the link: Herb’s Friday at the NYAS 2018

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