Bookshelf speaker Panda Plus shows up in Singapore

November 22, 2019

On Nov 22nd, 2019 Singapore International Sound& Sight Exhibition opened at Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Center. ESD Acoustic’s Singapore dealer Xeron Vision Pte. Ltd brought bookshelf speaker Panda Plus to the show.


Panda Plus inherits the unique technological style of ESD Acoustic: all units are field coil driven for faster transient response and lower distortion; unique field coil power supply  cancels out back EMF that troubles the whole industry for a century; the whole cabinet is composed of aerospace aluminum plates made with high precision CNC, damping out cabinet resonance; 3 inch foiled beryllium diaphragms from American Truextent ensures the quality and fidelity of the critical frequencies; first order crossover slope makes connection between different units smoother; sealed cabinet design provides cleaner and more direct bass from the diaphragm itself rather than resonance…


It would seem that Panda plus is just one more eight inch woofer unit added to the basic version, but it leads to a series of chain reaction acoustically:


Firstly, symmetrical layout makes the sound sources from one point like a co-axis speaker, which means an ideal point source.


Secondly, with higher sensitivity of the woofer, on one hand amplifiers can push it easier, on the other hand the tweeter will need less attenuation, resulting in better sound quality.


Thirdly, the frequency response goes deeper at bass, and can endure bigger sound pressure. As a bookshelf speaker, Panda Plus can match with many floor-standing speakers when playing dynamic music pieces.


This bookshelf speaker has a sensitivity of 92 dB, 4 ohms impedance, and 32-25kHz frequency response.

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