ESD Acoustic (HangZhou) Co. Ltd is a company that design, manufacture and market Hi-end acoustic products.

Pioneering Hi-End Audio Systems

ESD Acoustic is a top Chinese high-end audio brand with exceptional research, production, and marketing capabilities. As a certified National Hi-tech Enterprise, we hold independent intellectual property rights, challenging foreign monopolies and spearheading technological breakthroughs. Our commitment to excellence goes beyond production; we redefine audio experiences by offering high-end audio speakers and systems. As one of the leading speaker companies, ESD Acoustic sets new standards for sophistication and innovation in high-end audio systems.

Acclaimed Recognition

ESD Acoustic has been recognized as the best in show at prestigious exhibitions such as the New York Audio Show 2018 and Munich Hi-End 2019, solidifying our position as a leader in high-end audio systems. Respected High-end media outlets, including Stereophile and Audiophile Magazine, have endorsed this recognition, further establishing our reputation among speaker companies. Our clientele includes notable figures such as Jack Ma and Jihui Li, who demonstrate their trust in our high-end audio speaker solutions. Collaborations with renowned individuals like Xiaopei Li have also contributed to our continued success in delivering exceptional hi-fi audio equipment.

Passion for Perfection

ESD Acoustic (Hangzhou) Ltd., a subsidiary of ESD Acoustic LLC, was founded in 2017, named “Hermit” to reflect audiophiles’ shared quest for self-cultivation and serenity. Guided by distinguished engineers like Dr . Bruce Edgar and Mr. Sam Saye, we blend mature expertise, cutting-edge design tools, and traditional craftsmanship, creating Hi-End audio speakers that blend both form and function.

Innovating with Technology

ESD Acoustic’s all-horn high end audio systems, integrating avant-garde carbon fiber round horns and field coil drivers, transcends conventional technologies, delivering unparalleled high-fidelity auditory experiences.

Aesthetic Elegance Meets Innovation

Our ingenious electronics, such as Class-A amplifiers, are housed in crates incorporating China’s classic mortise and tenon joint structure. This design minimizes vibrations while transforming the appearance into home-friendly art, showcasing audiophiles’ aesthetics.

A Symphony in Your Space

The ESD Horns system transforms your space into a perfect concert hall. With exceptional sensitivity and around 85% direct sound proportion, our horn high end audio systems negate stringent room acoustic requirements. No longer confined to a solitary “sweet spot,” you can enjoy a “live concert” experience with family and friends, harmonizing musical pleasure with family life.


Passion and Perfection
For Creating Unique
Hi-End Products

As a sole-invested subsidiary of ESD ACOUSTIC LLC, ESD ACOUSTIC (Hangzhou) Ltd. was founded in Hangzhou, China, in 2017, specializing in high-end audio systems. The four founders gave its Chinese name “Hermit,” reflecting audiophiles’ common pursuit of self-cultivation and spiritual peacefulness. The company leverages the mature technologies and experience of expert engineers like Dr. Bruce Edgar and Mr. Sam Saye, ensuring the highest quality high-end audio speaker solutions.
Utilizing advanced modern design tools, we verify, improve, and enhance original designs, combining the powerful manufacturing ability of China with conventional craftsmanship. This approach allows us to deliver cutting-edge speaker solutions that meet the exacting standards of both speaker companies and discerning audiophiles alike. With new technologies, new materials, and new designs, we develop high-end audio speakers and headphones with both exterior and interior decency.

Welcome to the future of audio excellence – Welcome to ESD Acoustic

Step into the world of ESD Acoustic, where innovation meets artistry to redefine your auditory feast with high-end audio systems. Our all-horn system, featuring unprecedented carbon fiber round horns and field coil drivers, transcends conventional technologies and materials, delivering an unparalleled high-fidelity listening experience. As one of the leading speaker companies, we pride ourselves on pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in audio technology.
But it doesn’t stop there – our innovative electronics, including Class-A amplifiers, are housed in crates crafted using China’s traditional mortise and tenon joint structure, enhancing the quality of our high-end audio speaker systems. Not only do these designs efficiently reduce vibrations, but they also transform your space into home-friendly art pieces, reflecting the aesthetic tastes of discerning audiophiles.
Imagine having an ESD Horns system in your home – it’s like having a perfect concert hall at your fingertips. With exceedingly high sensitivity and around 85% direct sound proportion, our horn systems faithfully reproduce music while significantly reducing the need for room Acoustic design. Say goodbye to the solitary “sweet spot” – now, most areas in your room become a “sweet zone,” allowing you to enjoy a live concert experience with your entire family and friends. It’s the perfect balance of musical enjoyment and family life.
At ESD Acoustic, our ultimate pursuit is to provide you with an extreme music journey with our high-end audio speakers. With a foundation built on concept, fueled by innovation, and devoted to the ideal, we invite you to immerse yourself in a world where every note is a masterpiece and every moment is pure sonic bliss.


The Epic Developer Team
Behind ESD

We help to succeed in the digital world.




In November 2015, ESD Acoustic's founder, Mr. David Dai, conceived the idea of creating the world's most High-End Hi-fi audio system. He began communicating with top audio technology experts from the United States, Dr. Bruce Edgar and Mr. Sam Saye, to discuss technical cooperation.


In June 2016, Mr. David Dai personally acquired the technical knowledge, patents, and naming rights of horn design, speaker manufacturing, and other aspects from Dr. Bruce Edgar and Mr. Sam Saye.


Starting from July 2016, Mr. Jacky Dai began to learn and absorb the purchased technology from Dr. Bruce Edgar and Mr. Sam Saye, while also collaborating with them to design and create the first prototype.


In August 2016, Mr. David Dai and Mr. Jacky Dai established ESD Acoustic LLC in the United States to develop prototypes, order diaphragms, and other core components.


In November 2016, ESD Acoustic LLC received angel investment from Dr. Hua Guichao, the chairman of Inventronics Group, .


In May 2017, the development and trial production of the first pair of four-way, four-unit speakers was successfully accomplished.


In June 2017, ESD Acoustic LLC established "ESD Acoustic (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd." in Binjiang District of Hangzhou, with a registration capital of $1 million.


In March 2018, the first flagship system prototype "Dragon" was completed, and participated in the Munich High End Show, Germany, in May 2018, causing a sensation.


In the subsequent years of 2018, ESD Acoustic participated in various audio exhibitions including the Hong Kong AV·Head-fi Show, Guangzhou High End Show, Chengdu International Audio&Visual Show, Rocky Mountain International Audio Fest, New York Audio Show, Shenzhen Hi-fi Show, and so on.


In November 2018, ESD Acoustic participated in the New York Audio Show and received high praise. Four reviewers from the globally renowned audio industry magazine Stereophile published articles, giving most positive feedback. They highly praised ESD Acoustic's flagship "Dragon" system as "the biggest, most natural, most relaxed, and uncolored sound," among other accolades.


At the end of 2018, ESD Acoustic was selected for the "5050 Plan" in Hangzhou.


In May 2019, ESD Acoustic participated in the High End Munich in Germany for the second time and was awarded "Best in Show" and "The 1st" by the most renowned European audio magazine, Audiophile Magazine.


In May 2019, ESD Acoustic launched the "Phoenix," "Crane," and "Panda" series of audio systems, initiating a phase of product diversification and commercialization as the company ventured into a range of offerings.


In 2019, ESD Acoustic successively participated in the Shanghai International High-end Hi-fi Audio Show, Tokyo International Audio Show, Chengdu International Audio&Visual Show, Shenzhen HiFi Show, Beijing International Music & Hifi Show, Beijing International High-End Audio Visual Show, Guangzhou Audio and Video Show, Northeast International Audiovisual Exhibition, Singapore Iternational Sound & Sight Exhibition, Capital Audiofest in the United States, and New York Audio Show, receiving multiple awards.


In 2019, ESD Acoustic established a distributor in Singapore.


In October 2019, ESD Acoustic was awarded the status of National High-tech Enterprise.


In October 2020, ESD Acoustic launched its Bluetooth Player BT-1.


In January 2021, ESD Acoustic launched Kunlun audio electronics rack.


In 2021, ESD Acoustic launched the "Super Dragon" system and sold 8 sets during the months of June and July. The exceptional quality of the product received high praise from many renowned entrepreneurs, establishing a strong user base.


In June 2021, ESD Acoustic unveiled the design renderings of the "Aviator" entry-level audio system, which quickly got orders with prepayments totaling over a million. By December 2021, the "Aviator" was in full production and deliveries began.


In March 2022, ESD Acoustic successfully developed subwoofer with ultra-low distortion.


In October 2022, the "Aviator" Bluetooth speaker was listed on the 2022 FORTUNE China 50 Best Design List.


In December 2021, ESD Acoustic launched its first headphone Kirin, and its first headphone amplifier “Cloud” in the following month.


In January 2023, ESD Acoustic received official notification that ESD Acoustic won the 440-square-meter main exhibition hall at the 2023 High End Munich, Germany.


In May 2023 at the Munich High End Show, ESD Acoustic show for the first time its Chinese Lacquer Art Version Super Dragon system, astonishing the whole industry.


In August 2023, ESD Acoustic successively launched CDT-2B CD Transport, DA-2B DAC, DPA-2B Pre-amplifier, and BT-2 Bluetooth Player.

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