ESD Acoustic stands proudly at the forefront of China’s Hi-end audio equipment industry, being the country’s premier Hi-end audio equipment brand with comprehensive research, production, and marketing capabilities. Recognized as a national high-tech enterprise with independent intellectual property rights, ESD Acoustic is a leader among professional speaker brands. Notably, we have successfully disrupted the monopoly of foreign speaker manufacturers in China’s Hi-end audio market, pushing the boundaries of the industry’s technology.
ESD Acoustic has emerged as a prominent player in the competitive arena of professional speaker brands. As a luxury loudspeaker supplier, our commitment to innovation has resulted in groundbreaking achievements and global recognition. Exhibiting at renowned audio events like the New York Audio Show 2018 and Munich Hi-end Show 2019, ESD Acoustic earned the prestigious title of “Best in Show.” Esteemed High-end media magazines Stereophile and Audiophile bestowed this honor, solidifying the brand’s reputation for delivering top-tier audio experiences.
ESD Acoustic’s clientele includes influential figures in both business and media, such as Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba, and Ji Hui Li, recognized as the world’s number one audiophile. The company has also fostered creative partnerships, collaborating with Xiaopei Li, the head recorder of CCTV, to produce an audiophile CD that showcases the brand’s technological prowess.
As a prominent loudspeaker supplier, ESD Acoustic continues to shape the industry landscape, offering high-quality products that cater to audiophiles and audio experts’ demands. Beyond the technical aspects, the company’s ethos is personified by its spokesman, Boyu Xia, a Laureus World Sports Awards winner who conquered Everest with artificial legs. Boyu Xia embodies ESD Acoustic’s corporate spirit of resilience and an unwavering commitment to reaching new heights among speaker manufacturers.
At ESD Acoustic, a distinguished name among professional speaker brands and a leading loudspeaker supplier, we hold a fundamental belief in the profound purpose of a speaker system – to faithfully project the reality of the original performance.
We recognize that anything less would disrespect the musicians’ original intentions, and this commitment sets us apart from other speaker manufacturers.
We employ premium materials to ensure optimal performance in our pursuit of audio excellence. Using expensive carbon fiber for our horns is a testament to our dedication to the maximum transfer of delicate sonic details.
Our commitment extends to the midrange, where costly low-mass beryllium diaphragms impart a singing musical quality. These meticulous choices in materials and design reflect our desire for you to experience the world as it truly is – a philosophy that resonates throughout our offerings as a loudspeaker supplier.
With ESD Acoustic, elevate your audio experience, appreciating the nuances and authenticity of the original musical performance.
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