full built-in active speaker series

AVIATOR is a full built-in active speaker series of ESD Acoustic. It is divided into two types: floor-standing and desktop. The cabinet is divided into a main box with Bluetooth and DAC and a sub-box without Bluetooth and DAC.


The world's only high-pitched beryllium diaphragm produced by the calendering method has higher resolution and lower distortion.

The world's first titanium sandwich bass diaphragm is light and strong.Segmentation distortion and phase distortion disappears.

The field coil power supply with built-in AI technology basically offsets the back electromotive force and solves a century-old problem.

The speaker unit with a magnetic density of 2.2T, powerful magnetic flux controls the speaker with ease.

Innovatively designed coaxial field coil horn loudspeaker has the middle and high frequency horn curve coinciding with the low frequency diaphragm curve, effectively reducing distortion.

The back loaded horn design allows deeper dives at low frequencies.

The carbon fiber base (bracket) can effectively isolate vibration.

Hear the World, Hear Different.

Aviator Series


Frequency Response: 38-20,000 Hz
Sensitivity: 84 dB
Nominal Impedance: 8Ω
Crossover Points: 1500Hz
Main Cabinet Size: 430mm*240mm*360mm(table)/500mm*450mm*1050mm(stand-carbon fiber)/560mm*500mm*1240mm(stand-aluminum)
Single Weight:35kg(table)/40kg(stand-carbon fiber)/45kg(stand-aluminum)


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