Bluetooth Player

BT-1 Bluetooth player adopts Qualcomm's Bluetooth 5.0 protocol receiving technology, supports aptX\aptX-HD encoded audio transmission. On this basis, BT-1 uses I2S to hand over the received signal to an independent PCM1794 DAC chip to complete the decoding work. Such design can undoubtedly improve the sound quality performance to a large extent.

The hand-made cool carbon fiber shell combines electromagnetic shielding and shockproof functions to ensure the stable operation of internal precision electronic components.

In addition, the BT-1 also uses an ultra-high-precision femtosecond clock that only appears on Hi-End audio equipment in the past, allowing the digital circuit in the machine to work in a precise time base. Femtoseconds are quadrillionths of a second. Such a Hi-End level design is unheard of in Bluetooth audio devices.

The biggest advantage of Bluetooth music playback is that it is convenient to listen and share, and you can enjoy massive music resources without purchasing discs, which plays a decent role in supplementing music resources.