ESD ACOUSTIC Debuts At 2018 Guangzhou AV Fair

2018 Guangzhou AV Fair was held at Guangzhou Dongfang Hotel and China Hotel A Marriott Hotel Guangzhou on Sept. 14. As the biggest exhibition for household speakers in China so far, the show has attracted thousands of manufacturers, distributors and audiophiles. This is the second show in China for ESD Acoustics. Under the high expectation of audiophiles, our full horn& field coil flagship system Dragon has made a shocking display.


At 15:00 of Sept. 14th, ESD Acoustic held its Guangzhou press conference. The chief editor of New Audiophile magazine and famous speaker critic Mr. Yingzhi Lai hosted this conference and introduced the philosophy, technologies, features and crafts of ESD Acoustic.


If you happened to miss the Guangzhou show, don’t be frustrated. In 2018 ESD Acoustic will still be attending 4 more shows at Denver, US(Oct.5-7), Chengdu, China(Oct.19-21), New York, US(Nov.9-11), and Shenzhen, China(Dec.14-16). We are looking forward to share the beauty of music with you.